Boston Guest Stays LLC

Solution for property owners. How to save money and time.


Solution for Travelers

  Landlords/Property Owners:   Partner with us!     

 1.  We will fill your vacancies.  We will be your professional tenants. 

 2.  You will receive the rent on time, automatically, everytime.  Our guarantee to you.  

 3.  We can professionally manage your property.

 4.  We will clean the unit after each guest's          stay. 

 5.  You will have less turnover expenses.

 6.  We will do the light maintenance work to   keep things running smooth. NO cost to you.

7.  You can save money and time. More free time for you.

8. Passively maintain your property.

9.  Avoid the tenant hassles and know that we will prescreen our guests. 

10. My team and my guests will respect your property.


Now what? Contact us so we can meet and see if we could have a beneficial business relationship.  We can sign the lease and you can rest easy knowing that you have a professional tenant who will take care of your property to the highest standards.  You can enjoy your passive income. 




Our guests are prescreened to ensure that those who stay at our property are reliable and trustworthy.  They are couples or families - respectful people visiting this area to rest and recharge.  They are solo travellers visiting a new city. They are business professionals or remote workers here for few days or a week on business. They are vacationers visiting Massachusetts for sight seeing etc, people visiting colleges and universities,  people visiting our renowned hospitals, and travelling nurses, etc.  


Guests:  Whatever your needs are, please let us know.  We are here to assist you.   

Professional Team:

Eunmi Lee

Eunmi Lee is a licensed real estate broker in MA, property manager and the President of Boston Guest Stays LLC.  She has her graduate degree from Suffolk University and Bachelor degree from UMass Amherst. She also owns Lee Real Estate Group and co-owns A and Lee Property Management.  She has been working in the real estate industry since 1992 and is dedicated to her clients/guests. 

Kevin Anderton

Kevin Anderton is a property manager, contractor and the Managing Partner of Boston Guest Stays LLC.  He has his Masters in Communications/Film Production from Boston University and Bachelors in Business from Salem State University. He also owns Anderton Contracting and co-owns A and Lee Property Management. He is committed to taking good care of his properties and his guests/clients.